Established for Service
Our aim to produce quality products &service which are reliable, optimized and cost effective.
Lots of technical Experience
Our professional team has expertise more than 25 years in their field which results as most strong source of faithful clients.
Leading Manufacturer In India
We are the leading Manufacturer in India providing the Highest Quality Products, Services andSolutions to our Customers.
Environment friendly Products
We practice sustainable development & our products designed such that they are aesthetics, ergonomically and environmental friendly.

interlocking Brickwork

Interlocking brickwork are cheaper than conventional bricks and speed up construction, since interlocking bricks use a method called dry stack where there is minimum use of cement and sand. This makes houses cheaper to construct. interlocking brick houses built with soil are much cooler than houses built with bricks or blocks. Major benefit would be that this will lead to more homogeneity between the walls thus both will heal each other in resisting loads.

  • Proves to be cost-effective for construction of buildings.
  • Highly durable (It can last for 40 years without maintenance).
  • Easy to repair (defected paver or brick can be extracted easily and replaced).
  • No plaster required for wall surface.

our construction projects

Please have a look towards our Unique and Outstanding Construction projects in all different segments. We have gained a lot of knowledge &experience thorough these projects and after all we have successfully maintained our services throughout the whole construction projects.

Packaging Machines

We are leading packaging machine manufacturer, In this segment we manufacture fully Mechanical Machines, Semi-Pneumatic Packaging Machines, Fully-Pneumatic Packaging Machines, Servo Control PLC Based Machines.We offer packaging solutions for powder & Spices/Masala, Detergent packaging machines, Liquid filling bottling machines, Viscous liquid filler machine Weight filler Machines and much more.

  • Reliable, Cost-effective and value added machines as never seen before.
  • After sales service with upto 12 months warranty on each machine.
  • Prompt service, quality and Delivery On Time is our practice.
  • We guaranty 100% customer satisfaction.

Powder/Chips Packaging Machines

The Variety of machines like Auger Filler, Cup Filler, Weight Filler which can be operated to fill all types of powders in Bottles, Jars, Pouches.


Liquid Packaging Machines

The Variety of machines like Piston Filler, Positive Displacement Filler, Highly accurate Pumps which can be operated to fill all types of Viscous and Non Viscous Fluids.


Material Handling And Other Machines

We have also developed machines like Vertical Lifts, Batch Printers, Bucket Elevators, Conveyors for different operating Purposes.

managing partners

Mr. Narayan Tandale

Managing Director, HOD Construction Division

Mr. Chandrashekhar Tandale

HOD Mechanical Division
testimonial-team (Demo)
Mr. Millind
HOD Marketing & Sales

The Planning, execution and Completion Stages of our work are very rapid. The After sales approach really boosts our service level resulting highly satisfied Cliental base.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Mrs. Vaishali Korde
Legal Adviser

Working with AnantDrushti Group is such a great pleasure. The projects we execute creates a Unique Experience to our whole team and are of great Values to Clients.

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